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I'm Amy LeTourneur...

…an AWAI-trained copywriter specializing in content writing and copywriting for the RV & travel industries. 

I am a true-blue travel bug, an avid hiker, and an RV enthusiast, and being a freelance writer allows me to combine those passions into a rewarding career. With my skills as a writer and my love of the industry, I’ll be a valuable addition to your marketing team!

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Words are powerful. 

The backbone of virtually every tool in your marketing toolbox, they can transform a lukewarm prospect into an eager customer in mere syllables. Through immaculate attention to detail and the skillful use of words, my copy will elevate your company’s image to a new level and convert prospects into loyal customers. 

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Every bit as important as the words used in your copy is the way those words are presented to your prospect. Lackluster verbiage, clumsy sentence structure, incorrect punctuation, and misspellings leave a bad impression in your prospect’s mind and can sink an otherwise winning campaign. With training in copywriting and a strict attention to detail, style, and form, I can transform your current copy into marketing materials that make your company shine.


Every good salesperson, marketer, and copywriter knows this one fundamental truth: people don’t like to be sold. But what do they like? 


Even the toughest prospect can be converted by a steady flow of valuable information presented in a conversational and entertaining format. This is achieved through an engaging website that includes blog posts, case studies, videos, and more. With this subtle but powerful advertising tool, I can help you convert even your most sales-averse prospects into  customers for life. 


Julie’s testimonial…

Julie McMorrow

Owner, Tiny planet travel